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Blending Leather Gold Accent Couch

Gold represents positive, vibrant energy and invites good fortune to your home. Gold is symbolic of money, wealth and prosperity. The sofa should be placed against a stable wall to evoke the feeling of safety. Avoid floating the sofa in the center of the room, and avoid placing a sofa in front of windows.

Measurements (CM):

Pedal: Length 50, Width 60, Height 40

Single Seat: Length 110, Width 85, Height 70

Double Seat: Length 175, Width 85, Height 70

Three Seats: Length 200, Width 85, Height 70

Four Seats: Length 260, Width 85, Height 70

Five Seats: Length 305, Width 85, Height 70

Luxury Leather Sofa

SKU: 3256801766503964
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